Any search for the essence of things is illusory for essential is only the forming and entforming.

Hermetics and alchemy are terms so over used and decontextualised, that mentioning them simply becomes a door to fall in common places.

But like with great things, they are unavoidable, specially when you try to envision your life and work beyond certain frontiers.

There is a common thrive that tries to pull you out from ordinary routine.

There is faith on living a better life understood as an expansion of consciousness.

Alchemy, may be simply seen as a process of refinement. Why has it been so stigmatised and even followed may be a question of history.

When talking of alchemy one must talk about PROCESS. Schwitters often used the terms formung and entformung on the creative process. And here is where art touches alchemy.CREATIVITY as such implies a degree of chaos , deconstruction and construction, lettng yourself go and reinventing your day.

In this body of work alchemy as such is to be seen in relation to the different parts, subject matter, materials and tecniques used that become the main characters of an ongoing refinement.

Alchemic signs like those showing process and metals are depicted and located in geometric patterns among the first paintings exhibited. Phrases quoted from the Esmerald book fron Meier in 17 century,are basically the Literature used in the abstract paintings and assamblages following years.

It has always been present more like an ethic or a form of life. When the work becomes too comfortable and the painting too predictable there is always a detour to other materials , techniques, including augmented reality, videos, drawings, and assamblages that come into life.. The process supports the work and serves as inspiration. One could say as a conceptual amulet.

A form of life that consists of interwinning of form method structure, function.

Seldomm is Alchemy used as a figurative motiv, like in the painting on Wood of 1998- depicting a sort of warrior in black and White surrounded by ciphered images. The Arizona Paintings, inspired in this part of the world are the first paintings that carry among abstract landscapes phrases from the Esmerald Book. References to alchemy may be seen in more contemporary Works like those of the Genesis, or even the homage to Hieronummus Bosch or Schwitters.

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