Is a theme which I chose to work on after being inmersed in images of the Apocalipsis after Saint John by the german artist Durer some years ago. A good friend of mine while living in Berlin gave me a beautiful old bookelt of illustrations by Durer. The images were very compelling, strong and overwhelming. They caught my attention ever since. After being confronted with the notion of cycles and biológical rythms in life and nature, (tides in the sea, sleeping cicles, hibernation, metabolism, etc)

Genesis and End became an important issue. Genesis implies recognising a first moment, a place of origin, to be found with IN oneself. This womb becomes the place of birth as well a the place of end. Somehow related with the well known biblical saying Genesis 3:19 for dust you are and to dust you will return.

Beginning and end meet, birth and death Fludd an english alchemist and mistic, developes an extensive work beautifully illustrated by Theodor De Bry. The Genesis is described throughout the placement and displacement of the different elements, first from the center towards the periphery, water air, fire, the appearance of light sun and planets in mandalic structures.

The TEXTS udes sometimes written on top when not quoted from William Burroughs are extracted from the writings of Leon Ledermann (nobel prize and researcher in CERN lab), about contemporary Physics, understood as Quantum theory and subatomic phenomena.

The series is made of about 30 silkscreens on metal plates 50 x 50 cms big and then rusted with acid and fixated with lacquer. It has been shown since 2013.

Todos los derechos reservados - Luis Luna Matiz