Goya the iconic spanish painter, the model for so many cultural instances, romanticism, politics etc has been together with alchemy literature and mysticsm a leit motiv in Lunas work.

In Paula Gaitans video 1999 (www.luisluna.co/videos) Luna speaks about Goya as an artist whose work somehow bridges the cultural differences between europe and Latin America.

Active in such a turbulent epoch as that of Ferdinand VII the french occupation of Spain and the birth of the republicas Goya somehow might seem to fluctuate between a conservative prospanish monarchic stand and a liberal french posture.

But the instance that attracts Luna is the proximity of Goya to all what Goya seems to attack in his work: the tendency to irrationality.

Madness in Goya can be seen in his obsessions, his permanet quotation of witchcraft in his titles and ambivalence toward these issues,that make him so much human and vulnerable. Since early in his carreer LUNA has quoted Goya through diffeent points of view. It is interesting to associate him with other artists he choses : Bosch Schwitters , and then De Bry, Fludd, completing somehow selected group of visionars somehow possesed and hemetic figures.

Lunas interest in Goya is partly cultural, often times assembling together 19 century illustrations from Colombia with Goyas drawings.

His abstract series of blue grey and ocher paintings with no more relation to Goya than the text below shows his understanding of how difficult is to adress a reality by figurative means.

The series of digital prints on bronce or acryl glass where he despicts from diffeernt sources people and places from America and Spain is an interesting excercise where he proves how near and appart both cultures live. In the 10x12 beams he inscribes - with Goyas explanations that accompany the etchings, -(caprichos) the phrases become some sort of discourses that adress life itself.

In general Goya is quoted among dense textured surfaces when oil paintings, or in the silkscreen prints on metal plates covered with ink or rust.

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