Anna Blume

Is the name given by Kurt Schwitters Hannover 1887- UK 1948, to this body of work, which is perhaps one of the most relevant aspects of his life.

Mixture of formalist nuances, weird fetiches, and in permanent change, Merz which in German means something like crap, resumes the artists love for creativity beyond the established art show cases, avantgardish and politically correct as they may be.

Coming from an eclectic background in academic terms, I feel very near this way of being. What I most admire in his work is his sense of humor, the capacity of making a joke of himself, a mutating venue, and a passion for creativity. Something always fresh.

Schwitters, has a poem named Anna Blume which is quoted often in this body of work named the 'La Catedral de las Miserias Eróticas' as an homage to him.

The poem is read in spanish by a member of the wayu ethnia in the colombian Guajira, shown in a 18 sec video made during a trip to this part of Colombia. The video may be seen in this page under the chapter Augmented Reality.

During my years as an MFA in SVA NYC, 1991 1994 I shared with some great human beings, personas, a comercial space in alphabet city which we named The Cathedral of Erotic Miseries... a permanent referencein my life.

This place was a meeting place for persons from different background and cultures, it was a very inspiring place where ideas seemed to flow among dishes and cats.

After so, many years (since 1994) I finally felt this cathedral and merzs cathedral belong together.

The formunfg and entformung, the creative flow of events, like the construction and decontruction of a sculpture seemed to match one with the other.

Somehow Merz world view had become part of my life.

I slowly went on bringing objects, art pieces photographs from my past and my present into this beautiful republican house in la Candelaria Bogota where I created this intevention.

The house was occupied by merz in the second floor, and the installation went through several changes throughout the three weeks it stayed there.

I divided it into four themes following the house design. The foyer or entrance meant a welcoming, the genesis, the reflection, the apocalipsis, and the rebirth were the topics named in the next rooms intervened.

In the end together with several students of the Escuela Taller Bogotá, we created a visual metaphor of a cathedral which was then shown before dismanteling it a couple of weeks later

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