Identity, religiosity, history, even art are issues exposed with images that depict caprichos goyescos, merz, romantic landscapes, geometry, abstract informalist images.. They involve iconic figures that are not easy to connect one with other. What leads Goya to Burroughs, or the Amazons to Rumi .....17th century neogranadian poetry with a gipsy rock band? The work is about wondering fixating erasing and rewritting, no goal, no heroísmo zero indulgence, but a lot of excercise : the hungry artsist will remain hungry in order to produce. Always looking always learning.

The path is pathless, like the jokerman of the tarot. Somehow Wondering implies a degree of ascetism (it is not easy to displace yourself from a safe area and hunt for your survival! acknowledging different aspects of being oneself, and even better escaping from oneself. Sometimes using conservative tecniches, sometimes diletant, unexpected site specific works, they let you discover the route that brought the image into being. But the image remains clueless, geometric, fragmented, purposely un finished, hermetic like most of The sources used. They identify issues such as the GENESIS, the APOCALIPSIS, they readapt images that belong to idifferent places and epochs, Bosch, Goya, Durer, and 19 th century travellers of La Nueva Granada.

Most of the times the pieces are not glued but knitted (with copper or cañmo).

Others are scanned drawings photoshoped on top of photographs that then trigger videos (works using augmented reality). Some deal with different moments in life, family videos, countries lived, saints , madonnas, introducing in a slow manner technical differences and a need to reveal an ethic of living beyond moral lessons. The work is just a trace of something bigger , which is life. but life itself cannot be detached from the excercise of making art. Being true to ones own impulses, being consciously aware, acknowledging differences becomes the guideline.

And above all, amidst this mare magnum trying not to take oneself so seiously.

Todos los derechos reservados - Luis Luna Matiz