Viajeros de la Nueva Granada


The illustrations of 'La Nueva Granada' or better expressed of 'La Gran Colombia' belong to the mid 19th century. 'Nueva Granada' refers to a period of time in Colombia before 1819 when the political power passed from the Spanish Monarchy to the hand of born American's and 'criollos'. Technically speaking the illustrations quoted should be called 'Viajeros de La Gran Colombia.

But the series began quoting texts from colonial writers within abstract images and unfolded into using illustrations of 19th century travellers The latter were mostly foreigners who came to Colombia in different missions, scientists, diplomats and businessmen among them are authors of a number of illustrations, landscapes and portraits that become witness of an epoch.

Joseph Brown Groot, Lemoyne are some of them, sharing that 19th century romanticism appeal to nature.

On the other hand we have Torres Mendes, Jose Maria Espinosa capturing picturesque scenes of simple people, and popular events. It is interesting to note that a great concern is shown among these artists in showing simple scenes and people, remembering Goya in his 'Caprichos'.

This body of work is a continuation of a long involvement first with precolombian aesthetics and then with American baroque literature.

Somehow the series evolves as an intersection of two big inspirations, which are, the author's interest in travels, (The Silk Route, Amazons Arizona) and literature, Alvarez de Zorrilla, Solis de Valenzuela, among other colonial novelists.

'Viajeros de la Nueva Granada' became more realm that involves different moments and aspects of his life and is interwoven with other series like Goya, even Alchemy, building up an eclectic con tradictory, rich panorama.

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